20% Military/LEO/First Responder discount 

The rates listed below are for items in clean and ready to go condition with a basic Cerakote application.   Every item is different so pricing is subject to condition of the item, need for repair or your request for special patterns or colors.   I am ready and eager to do your project but any excessive cleaning or design will incur additional costs.


Handguns single color
Slide- $100  (+$25 for pattern)
Frame- $100. (+$25 for pattern)
Complete hand guns (all controls) start at $250 

Because of the variety of styles and designs please contact for pricing.  

AR Single color
Upper/Lower/Handguard- $325
(+$50 for pattern)
Complete AR/all controls/buffer tube- $425 (+$50 for pattern)

AR misc-

Barrel- $100
Individual small parts start at $25

Bolt action/barrel
$175 (+$50 for pattern)
(Bolt additional)

scope – $150 (+$50 for pattern)


Single color
Barrel/receiver start at $250
(+$50 for pattern)
Contact for full shotgun, to include stock and forend.


Riser single color starts at $200.  Call to discuss options and individual pricing and services available.   Yes we do carbon risers.


*$50 labor for excessively dirty or rusted items.
*Please contact us for pricing on custom or specialized projects.
*Prices do not include return shipping
*Projects not claimed within 180 days of completion will incur 25% additional fee.  
*Projects not claimed within 365 days of completion become property of Crazy Moon Cerakote

VISA           MasterCard       Discover         American Express  accepted